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Davide Berardi, Adjunct Professor / Freelancer of Computer Security. I rant against proprietary software, I like Operating Systems and Computer Networks.


Hello there, this is my personal and work site/blog. You can find here a list of the interesting things that I saw in the last time.

I am a freelancer of Computer Security and Embedded systems. I work mainly as a consultant and creator of security solutions and delicate Operating System adjustments. Also, I tend to integrate cloud automation in every part if required.

I am also an Adjunct Professor at Universitas Mercatorum, and previously, at University of Bologna (where I got my Ph.D.). My research is focused on industrial network and systems security.

I was a founder and CSO of a startup of CyberSecurity: MON5, where I was analyzing methods and technologies for industrial cybersecurity and monitoring.

I was a member of Ulisse research team and, sometimes, I played CTFs. I also was a proud member of the ADMStaff team and the VirtualSquare group.

In a previous work-life I was a Firmware Engineer, so I tend to integrate embedded systems in every work I do. Especially if they are powerful enough to run OpenBSD / microkernels and IPv6.

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